Wiltshire Air Ambulance: Charity Lottery Superdraw

wiltshire air ambulance have achieved record results in their lottery draw

Great news coming from the county of Wiltshire today, as Wiltshire Air Ambulance have achieved an enormous milestone – by generating £1 million pounds via their lottery superdraw. Along with this, the number of people playing the charity lottery was higher than ever before, with over 35,000 people contributing.

The superdraw raises money to help with the upkeep of Wiltshire Air Ambulance helicopters, and keep them in the skies saving lives. Participants of the superdraw can win a maximum of £25,000, with many of the winners following up by making charitable donations to the ambulance service. Each regular entry in the lottery costs £1 a week, with an extra £1 to participate in the Superdraw. You must be 16 years or older to participate.

Earlier this year, Wilshire Air Ambulance were recognised for their endeavours with the Lottery Operator of the Year Award. A spokesperson for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance confirmed that the lotteries are their biggest source of income, and therefore they are extremely grateful to everyone who participates. The lottery donations cover almost a third of the charity’s entire running costs. Therefore, it is hugely significant that the charity have managed to break their own record for participants this time around. The spokesman continued by urging people to continue playing, as it gives the charity a secure platform on which to continue saving lives.

Here at becomeaparamedic, we are hugely impressed with this achievement. We urge all charities to follow the same example as Wiltshire Air Ambulance, who have done enormously well in the past few years.


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