Apply to be a Paramedic

The paramedic career is both challenging and rewarding. In the United Kingdom, the ambulance service is managed by the National Health Service (NHS), and you will find individual NHS Ambulance Trusts in various geographical locations. Although some peculiarities may be available in each individual trust in terms of recruitment, the requirements and procedures are basically the same.

A paramedic’s pay and work conditions are also desirable. At the completion of the training, a paramedic’s pay could get to £26,500. Service managers may earn up to £38,000.

Where to apply to be a Paramedic

Luckily, there are plenty of paramedic job opportunities from various sources. Top places to search include:

  • NHS
  • Private ambulance services
  • Armed forces
  • Oil and gas exploration companies
  • Overseas health departments
  • NHS jobs
  • Health Service Journal
  • Reliable UK Graduate Job Sites
  • Ambulance UK
  • The Scottish Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Local ambulance services
  • Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust
  • Local and regional newspapers

When preparing your paramedic application form, one of your major responsibilities is to look to the right sources for paramedic jobs such as the ones listed above.

In addition to formal qualifications (refer to our article on paramedic entry requirements), you should also assess your eligibility in terms of specific characteristics and other requirements such as the following:

  • Full driving license which must be current and clean
  • The various tests you must undertake and pass – physical, medical and occupational health screening test
  • Satisfactory result from the Criminal Records Bureau check
  • Residing within a reasonable travel distance from work
  • Skills related to handling people
  • Experience working in strategic organisations voluntarily – e.g. British Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance and others.

What to do before completing your Paramedic application

Your research should cover successful tips and guides for completing the paramedic application form acceptably. The form is generally simple to fill in, but you must employ tact in completing the section that requires your reasons for wanting to join the ambulance service. Also, you need to be skillful in matching your experiences with the job description.

apply to be a paramedic

So, find out the following in the course of your research:

  • A useful guide for completing the application form
  • How to write an irresistible vision and value statement
  • A sample of a well-completed paramedic application form – this is very helpful material.

Nowadays, you will find materials on web and CD formats on how to go through the paramedic selection process successfully. You will also find such materials containing sample paramedics selection tests. Ensure that the author of such material has a solid paramedic background before taking advantage of the materials.

The best place to find the most applicable clues for the paramedic selection process is NHS jobs websites. Another great place to look is the various ambulance service trust websites, including the Jobcentre Plus.

Adequate preparation is the key to success. You want to make sure that your application stands out from the crowd, this is why you should research thoroughly before completing the application form.


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