How to Find Paramedic Job Vacancies

If you are looking for paramedic job vacancies, knowing the right places to search will make the task a whole lot easier and targeted. This post will list useful sources for finding paramedic job vacancies. Here are the top sources to check for paramedic job vacancies:

Paramedic Jobs with The National Health Service (NHS)

The National Health Service (NHS) is perhaps the largest employer of paramedics. This is simply based on the fact that the larger number of paramedics work for the NHS. Thus, the recruitment and employment takes place in the individual National Health Service trust ambulance services. Each individual NHS ambulance service covers a designated geographical area. So, if you are trying to find a paramedic job vacancy, the first port of call should be the nearest NHS centre. Exploring the NHS website would be an easier way to get the required information for paramedic recruitment.

Usually, the ambulance service takes it as a commitment to employ not less than one paramedic in every emergency ambulance. Therefore, it is generally not very difficult to find a paramedic job vacancy, the opportunities are generally good. However, each region across the United Kingdom would determine the number of vacancies required.

If you are particularly concerned about the nature of employment that can be offered to ambulance personnel, check the Ambulance Service Network.

Other Paramedic Employers

Also, in addition to the National Health Service (NHS), there are other employers of paramedics. They include the following:

  • Private ambulance services
  • Armed forces
  • Oil and gas exploration companies
  • Overseas health departments

You may also choose to work for private paramedical agencies. For such employers, you may be employed to work on certain occasions which may include major sporting fixtures, plus major events. You can also find a paramedic job opportunity to become a health and safety trainer, or as a first-aid instructor.

Furthermore, you can check the following sources for paramedic vacancies:

You can also check with the specialist recruitment agencies. The Health Career Net and other specialist recruitment agencies undertake paramedic vacancies processing occasionally, on behalf of the National Health Service ambulance trusts.

This could sometimes be associated with block recruitment of potential paramedics in specified areas. You can also find agencies undertaking vacancies handling for paramedic specialist posts – a typical example is sporting venue-based paramedics.

A helpful resource for this type of paramedic job search is the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation).

Other types of paramedic job vacancies include shift-cover or relief vacancies. For this type of paramedic job opportunities, check the NHS ambulance services and agencies as well – both keep registers for such paramedic job openings.

Obviously, there are lots of reliable sources for finding paramedic jobs, and the opportunities are also numerous. So, keep an eye on these sources constantly, before long, you will get your desired paramedic job or an alternative.

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