G4S Autumn Strikes: St George’s Hospital – Tooting

The G4S autumn strikes will take place in early November

GMB members, working at G4S Patient Transport – St George’s Hospital in Tooting – are set to go on strike next Tuesday. The G4S autumn strikes are being held over poor pay and poor working conditions.

GMB Union

GMB is the union for works in the NHS. There have been talks for some time with G4S and St George’s NHS Trust over the pay and working conditions, and a last minute deal was rejected by GMB; on the grounds that it failed to put strikers on the same footing as other Patient Transport drivers, and other NHS workers at the same hospital. GMB have claimed that St George’s hospital are forcing patients and staff to shoulder the burden of NHS cuts; and that this shouldn’t be allowed. They believe that St George’s are allowing staff wages and care quality to decline, whilst farming working out to private contractors. The G4S workers at St George’s are the only workers at the hospital who do not receive standard NHS pay. #

The G4S autumn strikes are set to take place at St George's hospital

G4S Autumn Strikes Response

The G4S response has been matter of fact. They have suspended both of GMB’s workplace representatives from the hospital, and instead of trying to negotiate with the union, have gone directly into negotiations with their workers.

The picket/strike itself is scheduled for Tuesday 1st November. It will begin at 6am, outside the entrance to the hospital. GMB have called on G4S to return to the negotiating table, and come up with a fair deal, which gives G4S workers the same rate and working conditions as other staff members. They have demanded that St George’s stops outsourcing vital services, and use their very qualified current staff.

If you are a patient or staff member at St George’s, or just interested in the G4S autumn strikes, we’ll keep you updated with all of the latest future news!

The G4S autumn strikes are happening because workers want equal rights with NHS staff

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