East of England Ambulance Service: Survey Results

the east of england ambulance service received fantastic survey results

A recent survey has indicated widespread customer satisfaction with the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

The survey was carried out in May, on over 100 people. Participants were asked to rate the level of care and service that they received.

What do the East of England Ambulance service results show?

The results are overwhelmingly positive. 99% of patients declared that they were very happy with the care they received, and words such as ‘brilliant’ and ‘outstanding’ were used. In regards to call handling, the trust scored 98% on respondents who felt they had been treated with respect, and their issue was handled exceptionally well. The majority of participants agreed that the staff of the East of England Ambulance Service worked with the utmost professionalism.

the east of england ambulance service have really improved over the past few months

How have the trust responded?

Naturally, the EEAST is extremely pleased. The chief executive of the trust claimed that the results were welcomed, and reemphasised the importance of good patient experience, and treating those in the trust’s care with compassion and dignity. He took the time to thank those who had filled in the survey, and pointed out the marked improvements that have been made over the past four months.

What can other services learn from the EEAST?

The improvements that have been made by the EEAST should serve as an important lesson for other trusts. They have improved 13% in RED 1 since March, and 11% in RED 2. These are incredible numbers, and clearly demonstrate the hard work that the trust have put in to improve their customer experience. The only downside of the report is the 3% of patients who believed they had to wait for an unacceptable amount of time for an ambulance, and 2% who believed that their call had been handled badly.

All in all, a tremendous success for the EEAST, and they stand out as an example to follow for other trusts.

in this blog, we'll show you what the east of england ambulance service survey results show

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